The Need For Knowledge

Lots of stuff here that should be obvious.

The Cart Before the Horse

Prior knowledge improves reading comprehension and facilitates new learning. Chris Benson asks if it is time for the explicit teaching of knowledge to return to the classroom?

After 15 years of teaching (six years in the UK and nine years overseas), I have been exposed to a fairly extensive list of panaceas for improving learning, and the chances are that you too are already fully conversant with this ever-changing list of acronyms and terms largely centred around the word ‘learning. And yet, one word that I rarely hear mentioned is ‘knowledge’.

On the few occasions it is used there are typically negative connotations attached, as though the ‘sage on the stage’ merely wishes to fill young minds with facts (in a return to the days of Dickens’s Mr Gradgrind) that will be of little relevance to the child growing up in the 21st century.

Advocates of 21st century skills tend…

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